Proper Way to Buy a Green Iguana Cage Online

Proper Way to Buy a Green Iguana Cage Online

The Internet should be the first place you look if you are in the market for a green Iguana cage. We are going to give you an overview of the steps that need to be taken when trying to get the best cage for your money so it would be in your best interest to always follow these suggestions otherwise you could waste precious time and money.

Sizing Out the Iguana Cage

Your first task in this exercise is measuring your Iguana and figuring out how much space they are going to need, If you don’t do this properly your iguana may outgrow the cage and that means you will have to buy a new one so try to get the biggest cage possible provided your house has room for it and your budget can accommodate the purchase.  When the sizing has been worked out you can now begin refining the list of cages to only include those that match your sizing and budget. After you have the list created you can begin assessing each of the prospective cages based on their individual merits.

Is the Cage Well Made?

This is the next question that has to be posed when assessing the various iguana cages that are available. Try to find out how long the manufacturer has been making pet cages and where they are based. Do not buy a cage from a company that has not been in business for a minimum of one year otherwise you could be putting your pet iguana in harm’s way. If the cage manufacturer has been in business for more than one year find out whether they are based in a developing nation that has poor quality control processes in place. The last thing you want to do is buy a cage that has lead paint on it, it will make your pet and your family sick so only deal with reputable manufacturers that are in the same country or at least the same continent as you. Websites like are a good resource to check out.

Review the total cost of the iguana cage including the cost to ship it to your home. Most consumers forget about the shipping costs until they are at the checkout page then by that time they are already committed to the purchase so they end up overspending. To help make your life easier you could try to find retailers that already include the cost of shipping in their quotes.

When the new cage arrives you may be tempted to put your iguana inside it right away but hold off doing that until you spend a few minutes cleaning the cage, washing it and making sure it has had sufficient time to dry. The reasoning behind this is the cage could have been stored in a warehouse for a long time or come into contact with something toxic during transit, by cleaning the cage and giving it time to “air out” the odds of your family or iguana becoming ill are greatly reduced so be sure to follow these tips and everything will work itself out.